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Educator Workshops

As educators, Ameritime representatives are regularly called upon to speak at school district events to educate district employees about their retirement benefits plans for Kansas Public Employees Retirement System (KPERS), 403(b)s & 457(b)s.

Upcoming Workshops 
These dates are subject to change.

Please contact your district office to obtain current dates and times.

Would you like to schedule a workshop for your district? We offer in-person and virtual options!

We are available to provide informative and custom workshops to help understand 403(b) and KPERS plans and options. Below you will find a sampling of some of our most requested topics. Click here to request more information about creating an event for your district!

Workshop Topics 

Veteran Educator & Administrators (50-65)

As you reach 5-10 years from your retirement goal, critical decisions will start to arise with your benefits plans, including:

  • KPERS Planning and understanding irrevocable options
  • Social Security & Medicare strategies
  • Planning for inflation and longevity
  • Retirement tax strategies
  • And more

Experienced Educator (32-50)

In this intermediate course, we will share financial wellness tips as you work towards your retirement goals, including:

  • Basic understanding of KPERS plus pension projections
  • How does Social Security work
  • Investment strategies & proactive savings tips
  • 403(b) and 457 Planning
  • And more

    New Hire / New Educator (22-32)

    In this introductory course, we explain how your pension, 403(b) and Social Security will work together, and what steps you can take today to maximize these benefits long-term, including:

    • Basic understanding of KPERS
    • 403(b) investment options
    • Roth vs. traditional 403(b)s
    • Long-term investment strategies & debt reduction tips
    • Taxes, College Savings, Employee Benefits

    We provide workshops throughout the state of Kansas. Below is a map of some of the areas we have previously provided classes. Click here to request more information about creating an event for your district!