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403(b) Services - Content

Ameritime provides 403(b) services throughout the state of Kansas. Our model is based on quality managed, low cost funds to help give the educator/investor the best opportunity to grow their money in the market. This model is based on an independent single vendor structure set up much like a 401(k) plan. We are able to do this by pooling the 403(b) Plan’s assets together to reduce costs – utilizing the economies of scale concept. Benefits for your district and staff include:

  • Quality commission free, low cost investment options
  • Transparent fee disclosures with no front-end or back-end surrender charges
  • Traditional pretax and Roth investment options
  • 43 school districts with pooled investments exceeding 36 million dollars
  • 403(b) can be coordinated with a 457 plan
  • 12b-1 fees are reinvested into the plan to offset plan expenses

A list of current district’s who participate in our plans are listed below. To learn more about opportunities for your district, contact us today!

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